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Jeff Durkin

Jeff is an award-winning filmmaker who has produced and directed 3 feature films. His latest film, Art as a weapon started when artist Shepard Fairey came to his San Diego neighborhood and painted a mural of a 30’ tall Burmese Monk. The artwork became the starting point for two years of production and research into the connection between art, philosophy and non-violent struggle. He got his start making films with his first feature, Working Class, which is a documentary about friends and artists Mike Giant and Mike Maxwell and tells the tale of the cities the artists call home (San Francisco and San Diego) and how their cities shapes their work. It received 4 out of 4 stars from Rouge Cinema and was the opening night film at the San Francisco Doc Fest. Jeff’s unique visual style is influenced by a decade of experience working as an architect. He started his production company, Breadtruck Films as a vehicle to make films about creative people and their work. Since 2008 his work has screened at film festivals, museums and universities world wide.

Jeff Katz

Jeff is an independent filmmaker who worked as the producer, director of photography and editor on the project. As a renaissance man, Jeff’s images and visual style give the film an artistic quality which is rarely seen in documentary filmmaking. By telling the story through the lens of art and music he was able to use images, color and composition to create emotion. Jeff Durkin and Jeff Katz have both worked on the film from fund-raising through distribution and continue to work as producing partners who have collaborated on several other projects together. This is their second feature together.

Ryan Roco

Ryan worked as the 2nd unit director behind enemy lines in Burma to film and photograph the conflictfilled states of Northern Burma. As a Filipino American, he was able to blend in with the Burmese population and get rare access to the front lines of military attacks on Burmese villages. His stunning images represent the intersection between art and the human struggle.


Marissa Cool, Katie Anceravage, Jeneene Chatowsky, Brandon Ghio, Ann Silva

Michael Gaw

Michael joined the production as a student who co-founded the first class on Burmese politics at UC Berkeley. A Burmese-American, he traveled with the team to the Thai/Burma border and worked as the field producer and translator for the film. Michael helped plan logistics along the border, and documented the “behind the scenes” of the film production.

Sterling Anno

Born in Orange County and raised in San Diego, Sterling is a southern Californian filmmaker utilizing his keen punk rock ideologies to challenge what the generalized definition of “Art” truly encompasses. A member of the underground film community and longtime supporter of independent cinema, he has spent just as much time on making his own films as he has on finding outlets for other people’s works to be seen by their desired and long awaited audience.Sterling is collaborating with the production team on the marketing and distribution of the film. As a film festival assistant director, he brings knowledge of the independent film industry and the ever changing landscape of distribution to Art as a Weapon’s talented staff.