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Street Art, Creativity, & Revolution

collide in this beautifully shot film about art’s ability to create change. The film opens on the politically charged Burma border at the first school teaching street art as a form of non-violent struggle. Under the threat of imprisonment and torture, the students use stencils, spray paint and wheatpaste to engage the public and question authority. 8200 miles away artist, Shepard Fairey is painting a 30’ mural of a Burmese monk for the same reasons and to support the struggle for Democracy in Burma. As these two stories start to inter-cut, the film connects these seemingly random characters around the concept of using art as a weapon for change.

The filmmakers worked undercover in Burma & Thailand to capture everything from Burmese military attacks to Buddhist rituals in an effort to show how everything is connected. The film features interviews with the Burma Brilliant school founder, art-activist group Generation Wave, Burmese punk band -The Rebel Riot, J.R’s Inside Out project and a Buddhist monk and poet known simply as King Zero. Design is one of the most important drivers of user engagement. Users’ preferences shift toward a simpler interface, stripping the UI to its very basic, necessary elements is the key to success. realizzazione applicazioni few element is a perfect marriage for the user. It’s greatest strength is simply and clean, big whitespace, and minimal graphical elements brings simplicity to even the most confounding subject matter. Please contact